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I Need To Follow My Heart.

D'Vorah Pnina Meijer H͎a͎s͎h͎e͎m͎ ͎i͎s͎ ͎m͎y͎ ͎o͎z͎ ͎&͎ ͎z͎i͎m͎r͎a͎h͎ ͎H͎e͎ ͎i͎s͎ ͎m͎y͎ ͎Y͎e͎s͎h͎u͎a͎h͎ ͎"͎S͎a͎l͎v͎a͎t͎i͎o͎n͎"͎ Rewritten and re-post. I need To Follow My Heart

Lead people by example! Education leads to titles, but treating people right, with integrity, no matter rich or poor, builds the future. - Adam Horvath ⚜️

As soon as I started more to concentrate on the coaching branch of my ministry, I received a lot of mail. Need more followers? Need a certificate? No, I do not need anything. I am proud of my two honorary degrees. D.D and DTh. And I am thankful for the opportunities He gave me in the past 30 years. But I am not into titles. He created me as I am. My heart is a mother's heart. I want to help people, be there for them. To listen to their stories, and with the wisdom my Lord gives me, see Him change their circumstances and make them healthy and active again. I can also honestly share with you that I can coach out of practice. My life has not been easy. If life can be compared to a box of sweets, I can honestly say that I ate almost all available sweets and at least tasted them. I know what loss is, I lost everything on a certain point in my life. It has been hard and painful. But I serve a G-d of miracles, and He is a Father. He gave me a husband, healed me instantly from cancer, from a stroke, and other life-threatening situations, He turned my life upside down. Gave me a daughter born out of my heart, a family of believers. My life is truly a miracle story.

The love I found in and through Him, I can’t hide! He is the burning candle in my heart and soul. He is the One who’s hands reach out to the ones who need someone to help them to get their life back on track. The world made things so complicated. Life Coach Motivation Coach, Spiritual Coach, and so on. But I serve ONE ALL IN ALL Coach! And I can testify how well He has taken care of me. As I was pondering about all of this and came on LinkedIn, I saw this: Lead people by example! Education leads to titles, but treating people right, with integrity, no matter rich or poor, builds the future. - Adam Horvath ⚜️ I know the Lord led me to this message. As an answer, after all, to the well-meant advice and loud voices. I need to be ME. A mother, a woman who experienced much grieve and loneliness. A woman who knows what it is to be deadly ill, to look death into the eyes. A woman who saw the Lord twice. A woman with a passionate heart. A woman who received a very important certificate, " YOU ARE MINE" Yes, I am my Beloved's, and My Beloved is Mine.

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Flying Duck

What the world needs now is love, sweet love!

His love is available for free! How can He show that other than through us? I can’t hide my love for HIM. I want to serve as He did. To tie up the apron and simply help! Only then I can be as He created me. Only then I follow my dream! To see people be healed delivered from all the bad things that brought them in bondage! The miracles I have seen in my own life, starting with my mom, who had a near-death experience right after giving birth to me. Who saw the Lord, who received thirty years extra, as He promised her. Whose bible I inherited, and in where I found a piece of paper, at the page where Hannah gives her child back to HIM. Samuel, the prophet. I am D’Vorah, and I am His. I coach since 1995. I have seen people being healed, changed, their marriages restored, life-changing miracles. A simple woman, serving a mighty G-d! Who is asking me to help rich and poor, the mighty and the weak, the forgotten, the addicted, the criminal who lost track of what his parents have been teaching him — an all-round LIFE Coach. Prepared and approved and sent by the Creator of t(H)is world.


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