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Rise Up In Your True Colors!

Hello My dear friends!

As I was busy editing my last photo, I had to think about our LORD and what HE is doing with us.

I am talking about the process called " Dying To The Flesh" I have been pondering about the text " Flesh Cannot Stand In My Presence."

Hebrew meaning of Judah*

This name is pronounced ye-huw-dah in Hebrew. Most Hebrew dictionaries will define this word as "praise" but as this English word is an abstract word it falls short of its true Hebraic meaning. The parent root of this word is יד (YD - yad) meaning "hand". Several child roots are derived from this parent root having the meaning of "throw" including the child root ידה (YDH - yadah), the root of yehudah. The word "Yehudah" has the meaning of "to throw your hands out". If you were standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon for the first time you might throw your hands out and say "Wow, will you look at that". This is the Hebraic understanding of "praise". When Judah was born to Leah (Genesis 29:35) she said "I will yadah Yahweh." She was pointing to Yahweh and giving him the credit for the birth of her son.

We frequently use the word "praise" in the context of worship to God.

Our praise is not meant to be simply singing or praying to God, but acting upon on our belief. Our function is to point to God so that others can see him. This pointing does not have to be a literal pointing but that our actions in all aspects of our life point to God and others will see him as well.

*Credit By Jeff A. Benner Copyright © 1999-2022

When I was not aware of being a Jewess, and ministered in Congregations,

I said exactly the same thing to the people.

Singing and praising on Sunday is not enough. It's about how you live on Monday and whether people see and hear HIM.

This photo in its original state shows colored houses. But I like to experiment. So I decolorized it and change it with my editing tools until this result came out.

Read more underneath the picture.

Own Label Captured By The Light

I think the result is stunning!

The same thing happens with us, when we surrender to our LORD, and allow HIM to help us to cross over the Jordan river ( River Of Death) we will eventually reach our Canaan.

This City represents spiritual speaking the heart of the Father.

Even when we come to the end of self, ( carnal thinking) and walk in HIS Ruach Ha'Kodesh, we are surrounded by Giants!

Problems, difficult situations and circumstances.

When our flesh is crucified, the anointing of G-d is strong and our words and actions are inspired by HIM. So victory will be our companion.

I have a word which I shared on one of the other websites I have.

Here is the link, so if you want you can read it.

Whatever is going on in your life, no matter how difficult the situation, trust the process trust G-d!

Then you will rise up in your true colors, and are able to shine HIS light, and people will see HIM!


Mazal Tov! Have a blessed colorful day! D'Vorah Meijer.


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