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Start Believing In Yourself!

Start believing in yourself! And for those who believe in G-d, if we don't love ourselves, we can't love others either.

So again, dare to believe in yourself, even as a believer!

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He Guides You To The Perfect Balance.

Pray about how HE sees this and how you can stand! He guides you to the perfect balance! Loving yourself and taking care of yourself without being arrogant. Learning to serve others as He always serves us by showing us HIS loving care.

At The Moment of Sweet Surrender Puzzle Pieces Will Fall Into Place.

Another important point if you believe in G-d, HE has a plan for us, He has a task, prayerfully find out what this task is for you, and I can assure you, the moment of sweet surrender to HIS plan and will for you , things will become clearer, and puzzle pieces will fall into place.


About D’Vorah Pnina Meijer

She started to discover her Jewish roots as an adult, approximately 20 years ago, and now it is Hashem’s time for her, to stand and be open about it, to be an instrument in His hands. He calls her to take the pen and write everything down He puts in her heart.

My lev is stirred with davar tov; I speak my verses to HaMelech; my leshon (tongue) is the et (pen, stylus) of a sofer mahir (ready scribe, skillful writer). Tehillim 45


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